Regatta Policy

On the premise that regattas generate a greater interest in sailing among sailors and non-sailors, improve sailing skills, and provide a continuing supply of new sailors who are more likely to remain sailors throughout their lives because of the regatta experience; it will be the policy of the GLYC to encourage holding regattas on Green Lake in accordance with the following rules:


The club will sponsor a maximum of one regatta per season, which needs financial aid and/or is scheduled in place of regular weekend races. Any additional regattas may be approved by the Board of Directors but they cannot be scheduled during regular club races. Each year the board will consider any requests to hold such a regatta on Green Lake under the following conditions:

  1. A request to host a regatta must be presented to the board at the earliest possible date.
  2. The host must agree to provide the leadership and the manpower needed to run the regatta. The GLYC Board will request other fleets and the membership at large to provide additional manpower to assist the host fleet.
  3. The committee responsible for the regatta must budget the event so that the net cost to the GLYC will not exceed an amount recommended by the finance committee and approved by the board of directors.
  4. The GLYC will not schedule weekend club races during the regatta, however, the regatta must not preempt more than two days of such races.


A fleet may ask the GLYC to sponsor a regatta during a year in which it is not that fleet’s turn to hold a regatta. In such a case, the GLYC Board may extend a cordial invitation to that fleet to hold a special regatta under the following conditions:

  1.  The fleet shall be totally responsible for supplying manpower and funds for its special regatta.
  2.  Special regattas may not be scheduled so as to conflict with regular weekend club races or with a previously scheduled regatta.

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